R420 – K481 Firmware

Model Number:K481

Product Name:K481 Firmware


The K481 Summing Indicator is based on the R400 Series indicator hardware. It shares the same style operator interface and setup menus making it easy for both the operator and the installer. The K481 can sum both R300 Series and R400 Series indicators.

Sum Nine (9) Slave Units: The K481 can sum up to nine slave indicators from either the R300 or R400 range. These can be connected together on a multi-drop serial RS485 bus or RS232 ring network. The summing indicator polls each of the slave units summing all of the weight readings, and displays the resulting total weight.

Four (4) Subtotals: Up to 4 subtotals can be defined to add or subtract slave values. Each subtotal can be named to assist the operator and for custom printing.

Two IP65 housing types: R420 (ABS) and R423 (stainless steel) each with a high impact polycarbonate lens to protect the LCD from knocks.

Support for R400 Series Modules and Accessories: The K481 uses the R400 series Accessories and supports many of the R400 series modules: additional communications modules, button module, input/output modules and analogue module.

Applications: multiple deck weigh bridges, car balancing systems, aircraft weighing, medical bed weighing applications and shipyard centre of gravity ballast determination.